Plymouth Oil celebrates over 40 Years of Excellence
From oil deliveries to full tank insurance, Plymouth Oil is a full service oil company

ABOUT US  |  Fifty Years of Premium Service

Plymouth Oil gets two thumbs up from their customers

Plymouth Oil Service, Inc. has been locally owned and operated for
50 years. There are several reasons why you should choose Plymouth Oil Service, Inc. for your annual heating needs if you haven’t already become a customer.


Bulk Storage Tank
Plymouth Oil Service, Inc. has its very own bulk storage tank on site in Plymouth, Connecticut. Very few local dealers are fortunate enough to have this benefit. It is not only convenient for the company but for its customers as well.
What does this mean to you, our customer?
• fuel on site in cases of emergency need
• possibility for a small delivery (less than 100 gallons) if needed
• helps keep a competitive edge on oil prices; when the price of oil rises our inventory may be at a lesser cost to you.

Supporter of the Local Community
For fifty years Plymouth Oil Service, Inc. has been serving and donating to the towns of Plymouth and Bristol. This has included but has not been limited to Bristol and Plymouth Police Departments, Terryville Little League & Lions Club, the Terryville Fire Department, Terryville First Congregational Church, Terryville Boys Club, Terryville Fish & Game, Terryville Nursery School fundraiser raffle, and the food pantry. Plymouth Oil has even awarded college scholarships to graduates of Terryville High School in the past. Plymouth Oil Service, Inc. has donated fuel oil to a needy family in the area and donated to the United Way also. We believe it is important to sustain our local schools and businesses to benefit the residents and visitors in the area. By doing business with us you in turn become a contributing member to your community. Remember that money spent here, stays here.

Premium Treated Oil Fuel Products
Plymouth Oil Service, Inc. uses a fuel additive which prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria in an oil tank. These bacteria can clog filters and nozzles which in the long run may cause costly burner failures and repairs. Some people ask why our prices are slightly higher than other companies and this is why. You are paying for the quality you are receiving and a little goes a long way. With Plymouth Oil Service, Inc., you will not encounter expensive after hour service repairs due to low grade fuel products.

Other Benefits to using Plymouth Oil:
• Small company that knows you by name and not an account number
Expert emergency service 24/7
• Fully insured/HAZMAT trained technicians and drivers
• Clean & courteous service
• Carries a current plan for Environmental Protection
• Accept various methods of payment; Visa/MasterCard/Discover, Cash (for discounts), Check
• Offer payment plans: budget plan & pre-buy options available

Hear It From Our Customers…
 Jess Collette writes:
Dear Chet & Kevin- I want to thank you both for all the hard work you put forth while installing our new furnace.  I appreciate your patience with Mackenzie and her constant distractions.  I am very pleased with the quality of work you both did and we wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Plymouth Oil Service, Inc. to our friends and family.
Thank you,
Jess Collette