Answers To Some Important Questions

Answers To Some Important Questions

Plymouth Oil gets two thumbs up from their customers

Q: What is your price of oil?
A: Our prices can fluctuate daily so it is best to call the office Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm.

Q: Does Plymouth Oil Service offer Biofuel?
A: Yes, we also offer Biofuel in the effort for a cleaner environment.

Q: What do I do if my furnace is not working?
A: We always welcome your service calls but here are some things to check for prior to calling;
1. Check to make sure your oil burner switch is on
2. Thermostat should be set above room temperature
3. Make sure there is oil in the tank
4. Still not working? Call Us!

Q: How do I deduct the proper discount if I pay within 7 days of my delivery?
A: On your invoice ticket, find the number of gallons that was delivered to you in the third box down from the top left hand corner. Multiply that number of gallons by .20 and this will be the amount you will subtract from your total due amount.

Q: Does Plymouth Oil accept debit cards for payment?
A: We accept a debit card as long as there is a Visa or MasterCard logo on the card. We now accept Discover cards and as always cash and personal check or money orders depending on your customer plan.

Q: How does a pre-buy contract work?
A: For a pre-buy contract, Plymouth Oil purchases its inventory and offers it to you at a locked in price. You sign a contract and choose how many gallons you estimate using for the upcoming winter and pay in full upfront and decide when you want to begin using the gallons from the contract. Call us for more questions.

Q: How does Plymouth Oil figure out a budget plan for me?
A: We look at a previous year worth of oil deliveries and estimate an average gallon usage, we then estimate the upcoming year’s oil price and apply it to the delivery history. This will give us a general amount to divide over a 12 month period which will create your monthly budget payment amount. This may be subject to adjustments.