Professional Quality & Top-rated Products

Professional Quality & Top-rated Products

Plymouth Oil gets two thumbs up from their customers

Plymouth Oil Service Inc. offers premium treated oil fuel products and professional Energy Star rated equipment. Our licensed professional Heating Technicians are HAZMAT trained, fully insured and CDL certified truck drivers.

Our payment plans provide you with the peace of mind knowing you will receive your heating oil at an affordable rate.

Products include:
• Heating oil
• Diesel fuel
• Audible alarms (in event of leak)
• Floodmaster (detects leaks in water storage tanks & pressure relief valves)
• BioFuel

Plymouth Oil Service Inc. introduces…

A new line of plumbing products and services!
Plymouth Oil Service Inc now has the capability to eliminate old or corroded copper water lines in your home. Now offering Viega Products, known as a global leader in plumbing and heating technology; we can install modern plastic piping called PEX pipe.

Why copper is out and plastic is in? It’s simple…
• Copper corrodes over time causing leaks, especially with well-water
• Copper is vulnerable to cracking in cold winter months
• Old copper soldering may contain lead and other harmful contaminants
• The price of copper is expensive

PEX piping (cross-linked polyethylene) is smoother and flexible so it doesn’t corrode or scale. It will not become damaged by hard water. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures from below 32 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. PEX is also burst-resistant because of its ability to expand and contract. These pipes are created in greater lengths than traditional copper pipes therefore needing fewer fittings; which means faster installations and less opportunity for leaks!

Call and ask about the switch to PEX piping today!


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